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ACC Foundation

ACC Foundation
Changing Lives, Building Futures, Giving the Gift of Education

The ACC Foundation, established in 1982, supports the College and its students financially through scholarships, program improvements, technological advancements, staff development, and capital expansion. As a non-profit, tax-exempt organization governed by a board of community leaders, the ACC Foundation has helped hundreds of individuals realize the gift of education.

A college education is a gift many have achieved, providing tangible and intangible benefits for a lifetime. Not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy this gift, however. That is why the ACC Foundation was originally established.

The financial support provided comes from the generosity of individuals and organizations who believe in the mission of Alpena Community College and the ACC Foundation. We encourage you to consider joining us in our effort to give the gift of education.

Alpena Community College Foundation Board of Trustees

Roger Bauer James Boldrey Nancy Coombs Duncan  Teresa x
Roger Bauer James D. Boldrey Nancy L. Coombs
Vice President 
Teresa Duncan
Susan Fitzpatrick Scott-Foerstner Rich Gilles  Beach Hall
Susan Fitzpatrick
Scott Foerstner Rich Gilles Beach Hall
Krawczac Jackie Alpena Dennis Kruttlin Photo Coming Soon  Mary Lappan
Jackie Krawczak Dennis Kruttlin Suzii LaMarre-LaCross Mary L. Lappan
 Max Lindsay  Donald MacMaster  Augie Matuzak  Elaine Orr
Max Lindsay Dr. Donald MacMaster August Matuzak Elaine Orr 
Emeritus Trustees In Memoriam    

James E. Arbuckle
Ann Burton
Lisa M. Dietlin
Elbridge Dunckel
Stephen H. Fletcher
Cindy Gabara
Terri Grulke
Stephen D. Hier
Avis Hinks
Charles R. Ingle
Dr. Olin H. Joynton
Craig Kus
James C. Masters
Chris McCoy
Barbara J. McDougall
David Nadolsky
Hal Neiman
Roger M. Phillips
Richard A. Spencer
Harry H. Whiteley
Lynn Wilson

Robert Bonczyk
Hazel Crittenden
Ann H. Crow
Robert M. Granum
Kim Thompson
George W. Wilson



ACC Foundation Officers     
Penny Boldrey  Lyn Kowalewsky  Barb Szczesniak 
Executive Director