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Nicotine Use Policy


Policy Statement

Alpena Community College is committed to providing a safe and healthy work and learning environment for all students, employees, and visitors. It is the policy of the College that smoking and the use of nicotine on all its campuses is prohibited.



Smoking is defined, but not limited to, the act of lighting, smoking or carrying a lighted or smoldering cigar, cigarette or pipe of any kind, and/or “vaping” with e-cigarettes, mechanical personal vaporizers (MPVs), or atomizers. It also includes the use of any product intended to mimic tobacco products, contains tobacco flavoring, or delivers nicotine other than for purposes of cessation.

Smokeless Tobacco

Alpena Community College prohibits the use of smokeless tobacco products on any of its campuses. This includes chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco (dip), snuff, nasal tobacco (snus) and/or any other variation of smokeless tobacco products.

Electronic and Mechanical Nicotine Delivery Systems and Vaping

Alpena Community College strictly prohibits the use of e-cigarettes and/or any other type of electronic or mechanical nicotine delivery system. This includes electronic cigarettes, pipes, cigars, and atomizers or mechanical devices such as mechanical personal vaporizers (MPVs) which use mechanical magnetic switches for activation. While the College recognizes that these products may not contain tobacco, they may contain nicotine and their use looks similar to regular tobacco products and therefore gives the appearance and/or effect of smoking.


The Campus Nicotine Policy applies to any property owned or maintained by the College including inside all buildings including College Park Apartments, exterior open spaces, parking lots, indoor facilities, on-campus sidewalks, recreational spaces, and in vehicles owned or leased by the College. This policy applies to all employees, temporary employees, students, clients, visitors (customers and vendors), consultants, independent contractors, and/or their employees on College property.

Theatrical Performances at the Granum Theatre

The use of artificial tobacco products designed to mimic the appearance of smoking are only permitted on stage as part of a theatrical production. Such props must be verified by the Director of Facilities to ensure compatibility with smoke detection devices.


Alpena Community College is strongly committed to supporting individuals to become nicotine-free. Nicotine replacement therapy products (e.g., nicotine patches, gum) for the purpose of cessation are permitted provided they do not give the appearance of smoking. Employees may contact Human Resources for more information on available smoking cessation programs.

Please see Administrative Procedure 3527 pertaining to this policy.