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Complaints (Grading)

Student evaluation of instructors is provided for under the terms of the contract between the Alpena Community College Faculty Council and Alpena Community College. This policy is not provided as a form of student evaluation, but is intended to allow a student the opportunity, with certain restrictions, to voice a complaint about the grading and/or instructional practices of faculty. Student requests to appeal/change a grade earned in a course must be requested no later than the end of the next academic period (semester or summer session).

Step 1 - Verbal:
The appropriate department chair shall hear the initial verbal complaint of the student and shall notify the instructor of the complaint. If the complaint is against the department chair, the student is then referred to another department chair. At this level the student has the right to remain anonymous.
Step 2 - Meeting:
If the complaint is not resolved, the student may request a meeting with the instructor and the department chair together to clarify further the nature and circumstances of the complaint and to outline plans for its solution. The student or department chair may request a representative from the Student Services Department to be present at the meeting. Every attempt will be made to resolve the complaint at the department level.
Step 3 - Written:
If the student's verbal complaint cannot be resolved at the department level and the student wants to continue to pursue the complaint, the student must submit the complaint in writing and specify the relief sought. The written complaint will be submitted to the Dean of Academic Affairs and a copy will be provided to the involved faculty member. The Dean will discuss the complaint with the instructor and provide an opportunity for both parties involved to present their sides of the issue. Every attempt will be made to resolve the complaint.