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ACC Staff Directory

Office Location First Name Last Name Position Email Phone
CTR 108 Catherine Abraham Director of Volunteer Center Email Catherine Abraham (989) 358-7335
CTR 105A Bobby Allen Women's Basketball Head Coach, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach Email Bobby Allen (989) 358-7263
Jimmy Argyle Adjunct Faculty – Criminal Justice Email Jimmy Argyle
Oscoda Dale Arnold Adjunct Faculty – Spanish Email Dale Arnold
EPTC 155 Todd Artley Faculty – Utility Technology, Department Chair – Industrial Technology Email Todd Artley (989) 358-7464
Amy Asmar Adjunct Faculty – Philosophy Email Amy Asmar
NRC 307 Nicholas Bancroft Faculty – English, Department Chair – Language/Arts/Humanities Email Nicholas Bancroft (989) 358-7371
NRC 215A Beverly Banks Faculty – Nursing Email Beverly Banks (989) 358-7384
CTR 111 April Barres Learning Resources Center Technician Email April Barres (989) 358-7252
VLH 109 Deborah Bayer Vice President of Instruction Email Deborah Bayer (989) 358-7458
WCCT Ronald Bayot Adjunct Faculty – Public Service/Law Enforcement Email Ronald Bayot
BTC 109B Matthew Bedard Faculty – Business Management/Marketing Email Matthew Bedard (989) 358-7242
Fine Arts Center Sarah Bedford Adjunct Faculty – Fine Arts Email Sarah Bedford
Van Lare Hall Ronald Bellenir Custodian Email Ronald Bellenir (989) 766-0212
NRC 306 John Bellows Faculty – Science Email John Bellows (989) 358-7312
VLH 107 Amanda Belusar Financial Aid Technician Email Amanda Belusar (989) 358-7205
CTR 120A James Berles Faculty – Mathematics/Engineering/GIS Email James Berles (989) 358-7256
Center Building Kristin Berles Adjunct Faculty – Learning Labs/Self Paced Instruction Email Kristin Berles
CTR Maintenance Robert Besaw Maintenance Email Robert Besaw (989) 766-0192
Paul Billeter Adjunct Faculty – Job Search Strategies Email Paul Billeter
OSC 206 Patrice Billiel Student Success Center Technician (Computer Lab/Testing Center) – Oscoda Campus, Adjunct Faculty – English Email Patrice Billiel (989) 358-7445
Hailey Black Adjunct Faculty – Nursing Email Hailey Black
CTR 108 Jeffrey Blumenthal Director of Administrative Information Systems Email Jeffrey Blumenthal (989) 358-7231
WCCT Lisa Blumenthal Administrative Assistant – SIP Grant & Workforce Development Email Lisa Blumenthal (989) 358-7296
Center Building Randall Boboltz Health Fitness/Activities Technician Substitute Email Randall Boboltz
BTC 121A Ray Bock Director of Food Services – Fremont Catering Email Ray Bock (989) 358-7216
EPTC Glenn Boyd Adjunct Faculty – Electrical Trades Email Glenn Boyd
NRC 202 Lisa Brege Secretary – Nursing/Medical Assistant Programs Email Lisa Brege (989) 358-7217
BTC 101 Nicholas Brege Director of Facilities Management Email Nicholas Brege (989) 358-7202
Bryan Brink Adjunct Faculty – Public Service/Law Enforcement Email Bryan Brink
VLH Gerald Broad Adjunct Faculty – Public Service/Law Enforcement Email Gerald Broad
CTR Michael Brooks Adjunct Faculty – Public Service/Law Enforcement Email Michael Brooks
CTR 111F Wendy Brooks Dean of Learning Resource Center Email Wendy Brooks (989) 358-7249
BTC Craig Brownridge Adjunct Faculty – Community Education/Computer Science Email Craig Brownridge
David Brusati Substitute Custodian Email David Brusati
BTC 101 Richard Buchler Maintenance, Adjunct Faculty – Electrical Apprentice Email Richard Buchler (989) 766-0202
CTR 108 Sarah Burt Director of Learning Technology Email Sarah Burt (989) 358-7279
BTC Ronald Cadarette Adjunct Faculty – Mechanical Trades Email Ronald Cadarette
VLH 108 Lorie Cadieux-Lawrence Registrar's Office Part-Time Clerical Assistant Email Lorie Cadieux-Lawrence (989) 358-7361
BTC 126A Meghan Cameron Faculty – Mathematics Email Meghan Cameron (989) 358-7307
NRC Niki Centala Adjunct Faculty – Nursing Email Niki Centala
BTC 101 James Chapman Parking Attendant Email James Chapman (989) 358-7323
Justin Clark Adjunct Faculty – Criminal Justice Email Justin Clark
CTR 108 Shelly Clarke Programmer/Analyst Email Shelly Clarke (989) 358-7452
VLH Jennifer Colbert Adjunct Faculty – Communication Email Jennifer Colbert
BTC 106 Brian Colorite Coordinator – South, TRiO Talent Search Email Brian Colorite (989) 358-7328
BTC Susan Cook Adjunct Faculty – Computer Science Email Susan Cook
Oscoda Kelly Copus Adjunct Faculty – Social Science Email Kelly Copus
Crystal Cordes Adjunct Faculty – Speech Email Crystal Cordes
BTC Jennifer Cousineau Adjunct Faculty – Psychology Email Jennifer Cousineau
Oscoda Paul Crumley Adjunct Faculty – Electrical Studies Email Paul Crumley
CTR 120A David Cummins Faculty – Industrial Tech/CAD/Marine Technology Email David Cummins (989) 358-7224
CTR 101A Noel Curtis Director of Health Fitness Email Noel Curtis (989) 358-7391
Oscoda Jeffrey Dameworth Adjunct Faculty – CIS Email Jeffrey Dameworth
VLH 102 Carolyn Daoust Director of Human Resources Email Carolyn Daoust (989) 358-7211
CTR 113 Lois Darga Faculty – Accounting Email Lois Darga (989) 358-7210
Gary Demeuse Adjunct Faculty – Mathematics Email Gary Demeuse
VLH 109 Cynthia DeRocher Athletic Director Email Cynthia DeRocher (989) 358-7263
College Park Cynthia DeRocher Director of Student Life and Campus Housing Email Cynthia DeRocher (989) 358-7394
William Dever Adjunct Faculty – Communication Email William Dever
Oscoda John Dietlin Adjunct Faculty – History Email John Dietlin
VLH 101 Alecia Dietz Tutor Coordinator Email Alecia Dietz (989) 358-7457
Fine Arts Center Joseph Donna Adjunct Faculty – Fine Arts, Fine Arts Studio Technician Email Joseph Donna (989) 358-7457
Oscoda Donald Dorcey Adjunct Faculty – Mathematics Email Donald Dorcey
NRC 301 Matthew Dunckel Faculty – Geography/History, Department Chair – Social Science Email Matthew Dunckel (989) 358-7267
BTC 125 Mary Eagan Director of Alumni Relations Email Mary Eagan (989) 358-7344
Lisa Edmonds Adjunct Faculty – Nursing Email Lisa Edmonds
EPTC Ryan Fairchild Adjunct Faculty – Apprenticeship Instruction Email Ryan Fairchild
BTC 111 Yuko Fellows Computer Lab Technician Email Yuko Fellows (989) 358-7204
David Fisher Adjunct Faculty – Industrial Technology Email David Fisher
Jack Flory Adjunct Faculty – Job Search Strategies Email Jack Flory
VLH 108 Patricia Fontaine Registrar's Office Clerical Assistant Email Patricia Fontaine (989) 358-7282
Kimberly Foskett Adjunct Faculty – Job Search Strategies Email Kimberly Foskett
NRC 206 Melissa Fournier Director of Nursing Email Melissa Fournier (989) 358-7426
Kelly Frank Adjunct Faculty – Job Search Strategies Email Kelly Frank
Oscoda Timothy Freel Adjunct Faculty – Business Email Timothy Freel
Bruce Frost Adjunct Faculty – Workforce Development/Construction Trades/Industrial Technology Email Bruce Frost
CTR 110E Matthew Gallarno Faculty – Network Administration, Department Chair – Professional Occupations Email Matthew Gallarno (989) 358-7290
BTC 126C Garth Gapske Custodian Email Garth Gapske (989) 766-0162
Haley Gardner Adjunct Faculty – Speech Email Haley Gardner
Oscoda James Gilbert Adjunct Faculty – Computer Information Systems Email James Gilbert
BTC 120E Thomas Gougeon Faculty – Physics Email Thomas Gougeon (989) 358-7262
David Green Adjunct Faculty – Job Search Strategies Email David Green
Zachary Grulke Adjunct Faculty – Job Search Strategies Email Zachary Grulke
CTR 108 Mark Grunder Co-Director of OIT Email Mark Grunder (989) 358-7376
Oscoda Timothy Gulden Adjunct Faculty – Social Science Email Timothy Gulden
Philip Hartmeyer Adjunct Faculty – Marine Technology Email Philip Hartmeyer
BTC 125 Jess Haselhuhn Communications Technician Email Jess Haselhuhn (989) 358-7276
CTR Nicole Hatch Adjunct Faculty – Communication Email Nicole Hatch
Jessica Hauff Adjunct Faculty – Medical Assistant Email Jessica Hauff
NRC 110 Deborah Hautau Faculty – Science Email Deborah Hautau (989) 358-7309
Mark Hay Adjunct Faculty – Job Search Strategies Email Mark Hay
BTC 125 Brenda Herman Executive Director ACC Foundation Email Brenda Herman (989) 358-7297
Charles High Adjunct Faculty – Public Service/Law Enforcement Email Charles High
Gary Hollingsworth Adjunct Faculty – Unmanned Aerial Systems Email Gary Hollingsworth
Oscoda Nicholas Holton Adjunct Faculty – Mathematics Email Nicholas Holton
NRC 304 Priscilla Homola Faculty – English Email Priscilla Homola (989) 358-7278
Oscoda Edward Howe Adjunct Faculty – Social Science Email Edward Howe (989) 358-7444
Oscoda Linda Howe Adjunct Faculty – Social Science, Part-Time Custodian Email Linda Howe
Connor Hubbard Adjunct Faculty – Job Search Strategies Email Connor Hubbard
NRC 106 Douglas Huizenga Faculty – Science Email Douglas Huizenga (989) 358-7362
BTC 111 Jesse Huizenga Computer Network Support Specialist Email Jesse Huizenga (989) 358-7454
Mark Jacobs Men's Basketball Head Coach, Cross Country Head Coach Email Mark Jacobs (989) 358-7350
Matthew Jakubik Adjunct Faculty – Job Search Strategies Email Matthew Jakubik
CTR Jennifer Jasso Adjunct Faculty – Fine Arts Email Jennifer Jasso
Keri Johns Adjunct Faculty – Nursing Email Keri Johns
VLH 107 Connie Kaczorowski Financial Aid Office Coordinator Email Connie Kaczorowski (989) 358-7286
BTC 125 Kerrie Kamyszek Assistant to the President Email Kerrie Kamyszek (989) 358-7247
BTC 125 Kerrie Kamyszek Assistant to the Executive Director Foundation Email Kerrie Kamyszek (989) 358-7359
Oscoda Heather Kane Adjunct Faculty – Biology Email Heather Kane
NRC Janice Kane Adjunct Faculty – Nursing Email Janice Kane
OSC 207 Cathy Kappius Faculty – English Email Cathy Kappius (989) 358-7440
Almanzo Kauffman Adjunct Faculty – English Email Almanzo Kauffman
BTC 106 Brandinn Keetch Media Communications Coordinator – TRiO Talent Search Email Brandinn Keetch (989) 358-7316
NRC 305 Brenda Kelley Faculty – Science Email Brenda Kelley (989) 358-7311
BTC 126B Michael Kelley Faculty – Mathematics Email Michael Kelley (989) 358-7314
Stewart Keyes Adjunct Faculty – Business Email Stewart Keyes
Keeley Knapp Part-Time Custodian Email Keeley Knapp
Elizabeth Kohart Adjunct Faculty – English Email Elizabeth Kohart
VLH 111 Michael Kollien Director of Admissions Email Michael Kollien (989) 358-7339
VLH 110 Lyn Kowalewsky Controller Email Lyn Kowalewsky (989) 358-7280
VLH 110 Kasey Kowalski Assistant Controller/Payroll Manager Email Kasey Kowalski (989) 358-7235
CTR 108 Debra Kozlowski Assistant Operator/Help Desk Coordinator Email Deb Kozlowski (989) 358-7374
Kimberley Krajniak Adjunct Faculty – Communication Email Kimberley Krajniak
NRC 302 Timothy Kuehnlein Faculty – Social Science Email Timothy Kuehnlein (989) 358-7310
BTC 106 Jaime Kurowski Coordinator – North, TRiO Talent Search Email Jaime Kurowski (989) 358-7490
NRC 205 Robert Kutschman Faculty – Nursing Email Robert Kutschman (989) 358-7206
VLH Donald LaBarre Adjunct Faculty – Social Science Email Donald LaBarre
VLH 102 Jaimie LaBrecque Administrative Assistant to the Director of Human Resources Email Jaimie LaBrecque (989) 358-7351
Joseph LaForest Adjunct Faculty – Electrical/Utility Tech Email Joseph LaForest
VLH 101 Jewel Lancaster Student Services/Perkins Faculty Technician Email Jewel Lancaster (989) 358-7277
CTR 118H Stephen Lefebvre Custodian Email Stephen Lefebvre (989) 766-0167
VLH 109 Kelly Lewis Part-Time Athletics Secretary Email Kelly Lewis (989) 358-7263
VLH 109 Kelly Lewis Part-Time Switchboard Operator Email Kelly Lewis (989) 358-7324
EPTC 156 Steven Lewis Faculty – Electrical Systems Technology Email Steven Lewis (989) 358-7363
CTR 108 Darrin Lightner CTE Programs/Dual Enrollment Liaison Email Darrin Lightner (989) 358-7357
CTR Maxwell Lindsay Wellness Center Substitute Email Maxwell Lindsay
Jason Loyer Adjunct Faculty – Job Search Strategies Email Jason Loyer
Jason Luther Adjunct Faculty – Job Search Strategies Email Jason Luther
VLH Cathy Macfalda Adjunct Faculty – Business Email Cathy Macfalda
BTC Scott MacKenzie Adjunct Faculty – Industrial Trades Email Scott MacKenzie
BTC 125 Donald MacMaster President Email Donald MacMaster (989) 358-7246
CTR 111 Patricia Manning Part-Time Learning Resource Center Technician Email Patricia Manning (989) 358-7252
CTR 108 Lauren Mantlo Learning Technology Technician Email Lauren Mantlo (989) 358-7252
VLH 110 Brandi Markey Accounts Payable Secretary/Cashier Email Brandi Markey (989) 358-7213
Charlene Matthews Adjunct Faculty – Fine Arts Email Charlene Matthews
VLH 101 Beth Matzke Testing Coordinator Email Beth Matzke (989) 358-7209
BTC 104 William Matzke Manager of the Bookstore Email William Matzke (989) 358-7259
Oscoda Susan Mayer Adjunct Faculty – Biology Email Susan Mayer
Douglas Mayo Adjunct Faculty – Nursing Email Douglas Mayo
Oscoda Scott McAlindon Adjunct Faculty – Chemistry/Biology Email Scott McAlindon
VLH 109 Ruth McClean Part-Time Switchboard Operator Email Ruth McClean (989) 358-7324
CTR Vicki McCoy Adjunct Faculty – Physical Education/Science, Wellness Center Substitute Email Vicki McCoy
Michele McGuire Adjunct Faculty – Biology Email Michele McGuire
Terry McKenzie Adjunct Faculty – Nursing Email Terry McKenzie
CTR Kenneth McInerney Adjunct Faculty – Metallurgy Email Kenneth McInerney
NRC 303 Amber McLarney-Vesotski Faculty – Psychology Email Amber McLarney-Vesotski (989) 358-7304
Patricia Mellingen Adjunct Faculty – Nursing Email Patricia Mellingen
BTC Steven Meno Adjunct Faculty – Reading/Developmental Studies Email Steven Meno
NRC 208 Julie Miller Faculty – Nursing Email Julie Miller (989) 358-7332
Michael Miltz Substitute Custodian Email Michael Miltz
Mary Misiak Adjunct Faculty – Communication Email Mary Misiak
Jeremiah Mleko Adjunct Faculty – Communication Email Jeremiah Mleko
Joe Molnar Adjunct Faculty – Public Service Email Joe Molnar
BTC Kenneth Momrik Adjunct Faculty – Computer Science Email Kenneth Momrik
CTR Kent Myers Adjunct Faculty – Communication Email Kent Myers
NRC Deborah Naylor Adjunct Faculty – Nursing Email Deborah Naylor
BTC 101 Nicholas Neuman Maintenance/Groundskeeper Email Nicholas Neuman (989) 766-0161
BTC 108 Robert Newton Director of TRiO Talent Search Email Robert Newton (989) 358-7283
BTC Desiree Nowaczyk Adjunct Faculty – Physical Education Email Desiree Nowaczyk
BTC 106 Julie Nowak Clerical Assistant - TRiO Talent Search Email Julie Nowak (989) 358-7300
EPTC 158 John Nowlin Faculty – Utility Technician/Electrical Apprentice Email John Nowlin (989) 358-7243
Lori Nuttall Adjunct Faculty – Nursing Email Lori Nuttall
Christopher O'Bryan Adjunct Faculty – Industrial Technology Email Christopher O'Bryan
NRC 209 Diane O'Connor Faculty – Nursing Email Diane O'Connor (989) 358-7333
Bret Oldman Adjunct Faculty – Nursing Email Bret Oldman
Jade Olds Adjunct Faculty – Communication Email Jade Olds
BTC 106 Shannon Oliver Advising Assistant – North/South, TRiO Talent Search Email Shannon Oliver (989) 358-7318
WCCT 105C Timothy Onstwedder Faculty – Concrete Technology Email Timothy Onstwedder (989) 358-7460
BTC 105B Andrew Paad Faculty – Manufacturing Technologies/Millwright Email Andrew Paad (989) 358-7421
CTR Sarah Parsons Head Coach Women's Volleyball Email Sarah Parsons
NRC 212A Sven Pearsall Faculty – Humanities Email Sven Pearsall (989) 358-7306
OSC 211B Marvin Pichla Oscoda Campus Director, Adjunct Faculty – Social Science Email Marvin Pichla (989) 358-7442
Amanada Pilarski Adjunct Faculty – Job Search Strategies Email Amanda Pilarski
NRC 210A Heather Pines Faculty – English/Performing Arts Email Heather Pines (989) 358-7250
Dorothy Pioszak Adjunct Faculty – Nursing Email Dorothy Pioszak
CTR Zachary Plume Adjunct Faculty – Auto Service Email Zachary Plume
CTR 110D Campus Police (989) 884-3448
Oscoda Janette Polkinghorn Adjunct Faculty – Social Science Email Janette Polkinghorn
NRC 207 Anthony Pratt Faculty – Nursing, Department Chair – Health & Human Services Email Anthony Pratt (989) 358-7466
CTR Stephanie Prince Adjunct Faculty – Communication Email Stephanie Prince
Jeffrey Purol Adjunct Faculty – Electrical Email Jeffrey Purol
Ken Radzibon Adjunct Faculty – Social Science Email Ken Radzibon
NRC Lissbeth Rao Adjunct Faculty – Nursing Email Lissbeth Rao
NRC 309 Scott Ratz Faculty – Mathematics/Science Email Scott Ratz (989) 358-7303
BTC 112A Timothy Ratz Faculty – Manufacturing/Mathematics Email Timothy Ratz (989) 358-7268
Clayton Redfield Adjunct Faculty – Criminal Justice Email Clayton Redfield
Fine Arts Center Eugene Reimann Adjunct Faculty – Fine Arts Email Eugene Reimann (989) 358-7346
Aimee Renchenski Adjunct Faculty – Job Search Strategies Email Aimee Renchenski
CTR Jenine Repke Adjunct Faculty – Business Information Systems Email Jenine Repke
EPTC Wesley Repke Adjunct Faculty – Electrical Power Systems Email Wesley Repke
Oscoda Jacob Rey Adjunct Faculty – Economics Email Jacob Rey
WCCT 110A Margaret Ricker Faculty – Social Science Email Margaret Ricker (989) 358-7439
CTR Rebecca Rivard Adjunct Faculty – Mathematics Email Rebecca Rivard
James Rollin Adjunct Faculty – Psychology Email James Rollin
Tracy Romel Adjunct Faculty – Social Science Email Tracy Romel
VLH 107 Robert Roose Director of Financial Aid Email Robert Roose (989) 358-7229
CTR Lisa Rosenbeck Adjunct Faculty – Mathematics Email Lisa Rosenbeck
CTR 118B Daniel Rothe Faculty – Mathematics Email Daniel Rothe (989) 358-7305
Oscoda Melanie Rowden Adjunct Faculty – Nursing Email Melanie Rowden
Mike Roy Adjunct Faculty – Criminal Justice Email Mike Roy
BTC 119 Dustin Ruehle Faculty – Auto Service Email Dustin Ruehle (989) 358-7241
VLH 108 Sheila Rupp Registrar Email Sheila Rupp (989) 358-7353
BTC 109A Kimberly Salziger Faculty – Business Information Systems/Medical Information Systems, Director of Medical Assistant Program Email Kimberly Salziger (989) 358-7341
CTR 111 Nathaniel Salziger Learning Resources Center Technician Email Nathaniel Salziger (989) 358-7406
CTR 101A Jessica Sandahl Part-Time Health Fitness/Activities Technician Email Jessica Sandahl (989) 358-7409
CTR 108 Corey Sarnia OIT Operator Email Corey Sarnia (989) 358-7266
NRC Robin Sauve Adjunct Faculty – Science Email Robin Sauve
BTC 108 Kristen Schnell Program Assistant – TRiO Talent Search, Adjunct Faculty – Professional Occupations Email Kristen Schnell (989) 358-7380
Bonnie Schopfer Adjunct Faculty – Nursing Email Bonnie Schopfer
Brian Schorn Adjunct Faculty – Fine Arts Email Brian Schorn
Lisa Schultz Adjunct Faculty – Social Science Email Lisa Schultz
Oscoda Theresa Schulz Faculty – Biology Email Theresa Schulz (989) 358-7417
Oscoda Pete Scott Adjunct Faculty – English Email Pete Scott
CTR Maintenance Charles Seguin Maintenance Email Charles Seguin (989) 766-0196
BTC 101 John Seguin Mail Processing/Distribution Technican Email John Seguin (989) 884-1428
VLH 109C Nancy Seguin Dean of Students Email Nancy Seguin (989) 358-7212
CTR 110B Shawn Sexton Faculty – English Email Shawn Sexton (989) 358-7340
Kristin Sharpe Adjunct Faculty – Business Email Kristin Sharpe
CTR Cassandra Shaw Women's Softball Assistant Coach Email Cassandra Shaw
VLH 111B Sally Shubert Assistant to the Director of Admissions Email Sally Shubert (989) 358-7234
EPTC 160 Roy Smith Faculty – Utility Technology Email Roy Smith (989) 358-7443
BTC 106 Thomas Smith Advising Assistant – South, TRiO Talent Search Email Thomas Smith (989) 358-7492
CTR 108 Lisa Snyder Director of Institutional Research, Adjunct Faculty – Computer Science Email Lisa Snyder (989) 358-7358
CTR Christin Sobeck Women's Softball Head Coach Email Christin Sobeck
Kristen Spain Adjunct Faculty – Mathematics Email Kristen Spain
BTC 101 Eileen "Gwen" Spence Secretary – Facilities Management Email Gwen Spence (989) 358-7360
Jennifer Spomer Adjunct Faculty – Job Search Strategies Email Jennifer Spomer
CRTC James Stachlewitz Adjunct Faculty – Public Service/Law Enforcement
Kim Stevens Adjunct Faculty – Communication Email Kim Stevens
WCCT 110 Dawn Stone Dean of Workforce Development, Director of WCCT, Adjunct Faculty – Job Search Strategies Email Dawn Stone (989) 358-7293
Barry Stricker Adjunct Faculty – Fine Arts Email Barry Stricker
WCCT 110 Amanda Sumerix Director of Strengthening Institutions Program Grant Email Amanda Sumerix (989) 358-7451
NRC 111 Kendall Sumerix Faculty – Chemistry, Department Chair – Math/Science Email Kendall Sumerix (989) 358-7347
VLH 104 Richard Sutherland Vice President of Administration and Finance Email Richard Sutherland (989) 358-7368
NRC 203 Melanie Thomas Faculty – Nursing Email Melanie Thomas (989) 358-7294
Michelle Thomas Adjunct Faculty – Nursing Email Michelle Thomas
WCCT 106B Larry Thomson Faculty – Criminal Justice, Director of Criminal Justice Program Email Larry Thomson (989) 358-7208
BTC 109D Mary Jane Thomson Faculty – Business/Computer Information Systems Email Mary Jane Thomson (989) 358-7313
Debra Thoryk Adjunct Faculty – Job Search Strategies Email Debra Thoryk
Melissa Timmreck Adjunct Faculty – Job Search Strategies Email Melissa Timmreck
BTC 104 Denise Tobias Bookstore Secretary/Buyer Email Denise Tobias (989) 358-7274
NRC Kathyrn Torok Adjunct Faculty – Workforce Development Email Kathyrn Torok
EPTC Robert Tremblay Part-Time EPTC Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Technician Email Robert Tremblay (989) 358-7319
BTC Paige Trisko Adjunct Faculty – Anthropology Email Paige Trisko
NRC Jennifer Turske Custodian Email Jennifer Turske (989) 766-0208
CTR Aaron Veselenak Adjunct Faculty – Social Science Email Aaron Veselenak
Jerrod Villarreal Adjunct Faculty – Utility Technology Email Jerrod Villarreal
VLH 108 Kathleen Vought Assistant to the Registrar Email Kathleen Vought (989) 358-7228
NRC Rebekah Wade Adjunct Faculty – Nursing Email Rebekah Wade
Daniel Wagner Adjunct Faculty – Philosophy Email Daniel Wagner
NRC 214A Karol Walchak Faculty – English/Speech Email Karol Walchak (989) 358-7349
BTC 125 Denis "Jay" Walterreit Director of Public Information & Marketing, Secretary to the Board of Trustees Email Jay Walterreit (989) 358-7215
John Walters Adjunct Faculty – Humanities Email John Walters
VLH 101 Jenniffer Watson Perkins/Student Services Technician Email Jenniffer Watson (989) 358-7408
Daniel Weaver Adjunct Faculty – Corrections Email Daniel Weaver
BTC 105D Frederick Wenn Adjunct Faculty – Apprentice Program Email Frederick Wenn
Oscoda Frances Whitney Adjunct Faculty – Marketing, Job Search Strategies Email Frances Whitney
Oscoda Mandie Willey Adjunct Faculty – Spanish Email Mandie Willey
CTR Owen Williams Adjunct Faculty – Sociology Email Owen Williams
Oscoda Allison Wilson Adjunct Faculty – Social Science Email Allison Wilson
Karen Wingart Adjunct Faculty – Mathematics Email Karen Wingart
VLH 109 Jackie Witter Assistant to the Dean of Students and VP of Instruction Email Jackie Witter (989) 358-7219
Ronald Worth Adjunct Faculty – Job Search Strategies Email Ronald Worth
VLH 110 Alexis Young Accounts Receivable Secretary/Cashier Email Alexis Young (989) 358-7281
Oscoda Christine Young Assistant to the Director of Oscoda Campus Email Christine Young (989) 358-7295
Oscoda David Young Adjunct Faculty – Business Email David Young