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Effective Learning


A. November 2013 -  Initial Survey (311 responses)
    November 2013 Questions and Results

B. Spring 2014 –Based on a review of the student survey results the faculty recommend the following ideas for improvement.

General Education

  • More emphasis (all courses) on promoting library services and access to research material in class and/or Blackboard
    • Continue to show library orientation videos (highlight that they exist on Library website)
    • Save review of Library orientation until it is relevant
    • Offer extra credit for participation in Kim M.’s presentations/or help with papers (tutor)
    • Further develop the lecture on library services into an assignment demonstrating how to access periodicals and how to incorporate into writing
    • Demonstrate the difference between Google sources (or others) and peer-reviewed sources
    • Include student service information in syllabi
    • Student orientation and registration
    • Assign a research paper to all students, in which case they would need to learn more about our resources
    • Emphasize the importance of more fundamental classes during advising;  work harder when teaching lower-level classes to make sure that students feel confident that they can continue on
    • Incorporate more explanation of how the course material can be used and how it relates to things they are already familiar with – the more relevant the faculty makes it for them, the more they will engage and have a better learning experience

Career Technical Education

  • Stress the importance of studying before taking the Compass test & ask questions about their career goals during advising.
  • Reinforce the importance during advising of taking a math & science class while at ACC, even if it is not required in their program.
  • Develop a testing instrument that could predict future success in the student's chosen field of study.
  • Include information regarding library services in all syllabi and Blackboard sites and/or take students to the library for an orientation to services. 
  • Assign at least one research project in each class, requiring students to use library services.
  • Include information regarding student services in all syllabi and Blackboard sites and/or invite a Student Services Center staff member into class to give a short presentation about services.
  • Promote competency in accessing library resources remotely by assessing my student’s familiarity, experience, and proficiency in this area.
  • Research different types of search engines to be used by nursing students and other health-related fields.
C. Improvements implemented
  • Several instructors incorporated as assignment of a research paper into their courses.
  • The Speech instructor brought her SPE 123 student into the library for a tour so they could research their informative speech.

D. April 2015 – Re-assessment Survey (337 responses)
     April 2015 Questions and Results