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Effective Learning

Core Competency 1 — Effective Learning

The following data was collected by Alpena Community College as part of its ongoing student outcomes assessment process. (Last updated March 22, 2022.)

Full-Time Faculty Participants (Distinct)

Fall Semester 2020 10
Spring Semester 2021 4
Fall Semester 2021 12

Student Outcomes Course Assessments

Fall Semester 2020 47
Spring Semester 2021 15
Fall Semester 2021 30

 Student Outcomes Course Assessments Meeting Benchmarks

Fall Semester 2020 38
Spring Semester 2021 15
Fall Semester 2021 25

Student Outcomes Course Assessments Percentage Meeting Benchmarks

Fall Semester 2020 80.9%
Spring Semester 2021 100.0%
Fall Semester 2021 83.3%

Core Competency 1 Comments and Action Plans

Faculty reviewed results and made the following comments and action plans:

Fall Semester 2020

  • 2 students did not follow written directions for completion of assignment.
  • Must register for review course prior to taking state boards.
  • Record lectures so students can review them later.
  • Will continue to encourage students to seek tutoring services in the student services center. Will continue to encourage students to be mathematically prepared to take this Nursing Program prerequisite class as the grading criteria and grading scale is in concert with the rigor of the nursing program.
  • Work on test anxiety.

Spring Semester 2021

  • No plan needed.

Fall Semester 2021

  • Continue to identify students as in jeopardy for successful completion of class via early warning college procedures. Encourage tutoring services for students. Encourage placement testing for NUR 133 class to determine readiness for this pre-nursing Dosage Calculations course.
  • Continue with course objectives, delivery system, test plans and course materials.
  • Students will be forewarned of the difficulty of these tests so they spend more time studying for the license test. More ASE example questions can be discussed in the classroom.
  • Students will be forewarned of the difficulty of these tests so they spend more time studying for this ASE certification. More ASE example questions will be discussed in the classroom as well.

Historical Data

A. November 2013 -  Initial Survey (311 responses)
    November 2013 Questions and Results

B. Spring 2014 –Based on a review of the student survey results the faculty recommend the following ideas for improvement.

General Education

  • More emphasis (all courses) on promoting library services and access to research material in class and/or Blackboard
    • Continue to show library orientation videos (highlight that they exist on Library website)
    • Save review of Library orientation until it is relevant
    • Offer extra credit for participation in Kim M.’s presentations/or help with papers (tutor)
    • Further develop the lecture on library services into an assignment demonstrating how to access periodicals and how to incorporate into writing
    • Demonstrate the difference between Google sources (or others) and peer-reviewed sources
    • Include student service information in syllabi
    • Student orientation and registration
    • Assign a research paper to all students, in which case they would need to learn more about our resources
    • Emphasize the importance of more fundamental classes during advising;  work harder when teaching lower-level classes to make sure that students feel confident that they can continue on
    • Incorporate more explanation of how the course material can be used and how it relates to things they are already familiar with – the more relevant the faculty makes it for them, the more they will engage and have a better learning experience

Career Technical Education

  • Stress the importance of studying before taking the Compass test & ask questions about their career goals during advising.
  • Reinforce the importance during advising of taking a math & science class while at ACC, even if it is not required in their program.
  • Develop a testing instrument that could predict future success in the student's chosen field of study.
  • Include information regarding library services in all syllabi and Blackboard sites and/or take students to the library for an orientation to services. 
  • Assign at least one research project in each class, requiring students to use library services.
  • Include information regarding student services in all syllabi and Blackboard sites and/or invite a Student Services Center staff member into class to give a short presentation about services.
  • Promote competency in accessing library resources remotely by assessing my student’s familiarity, experience, and proficiency in this area.
  • Research different types of search engines to be used by nursing students and other health-related fields.
C. Improvements implemented
  • Several instructors incorporated as assignment of a research paper into their courses.
  • The Speech instructor brought her SPE 123 student into the library for a tour so they could research their informative speech.

D. April 2015 – Re-assessment Survey (337 responses)
     April 2015 Questions and Results