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Clubs & Organizations

Clubs & Organizations

The Language Society
The Language Society is a collaboration of language learners dedicated to enhancing the foreign language experience of students, faculty members, staff, and alumni of Alpena Community College, as well as community members. Their goals include enhancing the linguistic skills of members as well as participating in community service by using languages for a variety of purposes.
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Marine Technology Society
A student section of the professional Marine Technology Society with the section’s guiding purpose of collaboration of ocean and great lakes science, history and, engineering professional societies dedicated to enhancing the experience of ocean and great lakes archeology, history and marine technology students at the Alpena Community College.
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Student Nurses Association
Members take part in campus and community services and social projects. The group maintains an alumni association for graduates from the associate degree nursing (ADN) program at ACC and promotes and maintains the high standards of the nursing profession.

Honor Societies

Phi Theta Kappa
An honor society which brings recognition to students who achieve academic excellence and demonstrate interest in their college and community. Selection to the PTK Nu Omicron Chapter at ACC is by faculty nomination. Chapter activities range from involvement in student government, volunteer work for community service organizations and sponsoring speakers on campus, to arranging social get-togethers and educational tours.

Phi Theta Kappa meetings are held every other Thursday:

Officer Meeting: 2-2:30 p.m.
General Membership Meeting: 2:30-3:00 p.m.

For more information on the benefits of PTK, click here.

Contact Information:
Melanie Thomas

Sigma Zeta National Math & Science Honor Society
Sigma Zeta (SZ) – This is a math/science honor society which encourages and fosters the attainment of knowledge in the natural sciences, computer science, and mathematics while recognizing the attainment of high scholarship among those inducted into this society. Membership is open to students with a major in mathematics, science, or computer science. Elementary and secondary education students are eligible if their subject area expertise will be in a math/science field. Chapter activities include speakers and field trips to industries of interest. Volunteer opportunities such as working with Science Olympiad are available along with social/academic events of interest to the members.

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Contact Information:
Dan Rothe, Mathematics Instructor
121 C Van Lare Hall

Beta Gaming Club 
A club that facilitates interaction between students, faculty, and alumni of the ACC Network Administration and Computer Science programs, as well as the larger video gaming and technology enthusiast community. This club helps students exercise their interests in all aspects of computer technology, relax a bit during the year with frequent gaming competitions and events, and prepare for highly-prestigious tech certifications offered by the College. Contact Matt Gallarno in CTR 110E (989.358.7290 or gallarnm@alpenacc.edu).