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Vision, Values, and Goals

Alpena Community College Vision

To be recognized in our local and global communities as the premier resource and first choice for exceptional, affordable, and innovative education.

Alpena Community College Values

  • We demonstrate accountability to all our stakeholders, students, staff, business partners, industry alliances, and taxpayers.
  • We act with integrity, placing fairness and honesty at the center of all our actions.
  • We aspire to excellence in all our endeavors.
  • We show respect for diversity, individual contributions, and educational partnerships.

College Goals

  1. Present and position Alpena Community College as an attractive and compelling institution of choice for all learners.
  2. Achieve excellence in program areas of transfer, occupational/technical, development, community, and continuing education.
  3. Serve as a primary center for regional economic development, diverse programming, recreational/wellness opportunities, and cultural enrichment.
  4. Foster an environment of learning that embraces change, cultural diversity, personal accountability, and global thinking.
  5. Conduct college business with a view to developing partnerships and alliances to expand learning opportunities.