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Drug-Free Campus

Drug-Free Campus

It is the policy of Alpena Community College to maintain a campus free of drug and alcohol abuse. Alpena Community College further specifies that the institution supports federal and state laws which prohibit the manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or illegal use of controlled substances on campus by officers, employees, or students of the college. Any student or employee found to be in violation of these laws and/or college policies and procedures and/or the Student Code of Conduct, which prohibits such use, possession, purchase, distribution, or dispensing of drugs and abuse of alcohol, will be subject to disciplinary procedures and/ or satisfactory participation in drug/alcohol abuse assistance or rehabilitation programs and/or may be subject to immediate discharge from employment or dismissal from the college.

A student asking for assistance on a drug problem will not jeopardize continued enrollment at the College. Referral to an appropriate agency may be made. If necessary, a medical withdrawal will be permitted.

For additional information, see the smoking and alcoholic beverage policies.

Possible Disciplinary Actions
When a student has been found guilty of a violation of a College regulation, one of the following penalties may be used:

  1. Warning: An official reprimand which expresses College dissatisfaction with the student's conduct and which clarifies expected behavior in the future. Such action is recorded in the student's confidential file in the Student Services Office. Normally, a warning does not include any restrictions.
  2. Probation: An indication of further violation within the probationary period shall result in more severe disciplinary action against the student that could include suspension or dismissal from the institution. Usually, the probationary period extends for a specified period of time or until completion of a specific requirement. The action does not appear on the student's transcript but it is a part of the confidential file in the Student Services Office.
    Probation in itself does not carry with it any restrictions; but, in addition to probation, it is possible for a student to be expected to complete a work assignment, pay a fine, or some other requirement, or to be prohibited from holding an office or representing the College in any activity.
  3. Suspension: An action that separates the student from the institution for a short period of time to be appropriate with the circumstances of the violation.
  4. Dismissal: An action that separates the student from the institution for an indefinite and relatively long period of time to be appropriate in the light of the circumstances in each case and which fall within their defined jurisdiction.