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Complaints (Behavior)

Students with complaints about inappropriate behavior of Alpena Community College faculty or staff members should contact the Dean of Students. For the purposes of this policy, inappropriate behavior will include behavior that is abusive or threatening and any other inappropriate behavior that is so extreme as to cause the student(s) undue fear or embarrassment. It is understood that "harassment" would include sexual harassment, including unsolicited sexual advances or persistent and unwanted physical contact.

The following steps may be taken:

Step 1 - Verbal:
The Dean will consider the basis for the complaint and attempt to resolve the issue. Complaints will be heard only from student(s) directly involved with the alleged inappropriate behavior. At this level, the student has the right to remain anonymous.
Step 2 - Written:
If the verbal complaint cannot be resolved, and the student wants to continue to pursue the complaint, the student must submit the complaint in writing and specify the relief sought. The written complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate dean or college supervisor. At this level, the student no longer remains anonymous.