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Transfer Information

Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution should be aware that universities and colleges differ widely in the courses they accept for transfer, and they must assume responsibility for planning these courses. In order to achieve maximum transferability of course work, students should consult with ACC advisors and counselors who are available to assist them in this process. It is also the students’ responsibility when transferring from ACC to be aware of the transfer institution’s policies and course and program requirements. This information can be obtained from the transfer school’s web site and by contacting the transfer school.   

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Transfer Timeline

Transferring to a college/university involves thorough academic advising, research, and planning. This Transfer Timeline can assist you in the transfer process, but it is only a general “suggested” guide. As the transfer process is unique to each transfer college/university, it is the student’s responsibility to know the transfer college’s requirements and adapt this “suggested” timeline accordingly.   

Academic Advising

Alpena Community College students are assigned an academic advisor who instructs in their field of study or in a related area. These advisors assist students in selecting courses based on their program of study and the college to which they intend to transfer. It is highly recommended that students consult with their academic advisor prior to registering for classes.   

Transfer Equivalency Information

Visit the Michigan Transfer Network to determine how your courses transfer to four-year colleges. This is also a link to Michigan college home pages, admissions applications, and telephone contacts.

Michigan Transfer Agreement

(Replaced MACRAO Transfer Agreement Fall 2014)

To be eligible for the Michigan Transfer Agreement at Alpena Community College, a minimum of 1 college level course must be taken at Alpena Community College. Transcripts of ACC graduates who meet the MTA requirements will automatically be certified for MTA when degrees are posted to academic records. Students who transfer prior to the completion of a degree program but have completed the MTA requirements may also be certified upon request. Requests should be made to the Registrar. 

MACRAO Agreement

Alpena Community College participates in the Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (MACRAO) Articulation Agreement between public and private community colleges and four-year colleges in Michigan. This agreement provides ACC students more assurance of having completed their general education requirements when they transfer to a participating four-year college or university.

The MACRAO Articulation Agreement contains basic two-year requirements which are included in the Associate of Arts degree:

  1. English Composition (six semester hours).
  2. Natural Science (eight semester hours). At least one of the Natural Science courses will be a laboratory course. Mathematics is included in the Natural Science category. Courses will be taken in more than one academic discipline.
  3. Social Science (eight semester hours). Courses will be taken in more than one academic discipline.
  4. Humanities/Fine Arts (eight semester hours). Courses will be taken in more than one academic discipline, unless both HUM 241 and HUM 242 are completed.

Transcripts of ACC graduates who meet the MACRAO Agreement requirements and are awarded an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree will automatically be certified for the MACRAO Agreement. Students who transfer prior to the completion of a degree program but have completed the MACRAO requirements may also be certified upon request.

MACRAO requirements can be fulfilled in Associate of Science Degree programs by taking required humanities and social science electives.

Cooperative Transfer Programs

Alpena Community College has developed Cooperative Programs (articulation agreements) with various colleges and universities to expand opportunities for students interested in specialized programs not available in their entirety at ACC. These programs are intended to facilitate the transition of a student from one educational institution to another and should be completed in consultation with your academic advisor and the transfer college/university.

Transfer Guides

Transfer guides provide students with a list of ACC courses that meet specific course requirements at the transfer college/university. Students are encouraged to check with their academic advisor and the transfer college/university to determine if there is a guide available for their transfer program.    

College/University Visits to ACC’s Campus

Representatives from the major colleges/universities visit ACC each year during the fall and spring semesters. These representatives meet with students to answer questions regarding transferable credits, entrance requirements, program availability, financial aid and other areas of interest. The visits are advertised throughout the campus.

Learn About Other Colleges

CollegeSourceOnline gives you the tools to locate the college of your choice and provides access to the following:

  • Over 25,000 college catalogs, including 2-year, 4-year, graduate and professional schools
  • International colleges online
  • Links to college home pages
  • Search for colleges by criteria including program major, tuition, and geographic location
  • Course descriptions
  • Local maps to each institution

Transcript Requests

Alpena Community College offers different options to release your ACC transcript to another college/university or other destination. These options include:

If you are a guest student at ACC and would like to transfer credits back to your home college, complete the Online Application for Admission.