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There are times during a student's enrollment when it may be appropriate to add or drop a course during a given semester. A student adding or dropping a course must pick up a Drop/Add Form (Authorization for Schedule Change) from the Registrar's Office. The procedure outlined on the Drop/Add form must be followed explicitly to insure the student that the proper credit and grade for all courses added or dropped is received.

A course may be added only during the enrollment period (usually 1/10th of the calendar days in the course or semester). A course may be dropped any time through the 10th week of the semester (2/3 of the semester for accelerated courses). Written permission of the instructor is required to drop a course after the first 10 days of the semester. A grade of W (Withdrew) is for courses dropped during the drop period, or if a student completely withdraws from college prior to the end of the semester no later than the last instructional day prior to final exams (See "Withdrawal from College" for details.) A $5 fee will be charged for each drop/add processed during the enrollment period.