Alpena Community College

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Advanced Credit/CLEP

Advanced Credit/CLEP

In addition to credit earned at another accredited institution of higher education, a maximum of 30 semester hours may be applied toward the Associate Degree from sources other than credit earned in college courses; for example, military school, work experience, correspondence schools, and/or credit by examination.

CLEP is the College-Level Examination Program. It enables those who have reached the college level of education in non-traditional ways to assess the level of their academic achievement and to use the test results in seeking college credit or placement. The test can be taken at Alpena Community College or at other test centers. ACC is a "limited" test center for CLEP and administers the examination only to ACC students, University Center students, or to new incoming students who have been admitted to ACC and are taking the examinations for credit at ACC. No college credit will be issued until the official credit report is received from CLEP (approximately two weeks). Testing is scheduled on an individual basis and may be arranged by contacting the testing center in Van Lare Hall 128.

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