Alpena Community College

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Timely Warnings

Timely Warnings

Timely Warning Regarding Trespasser:
(Posted Wednesday, November 22, 2017)

A report was made to the police on November 21, 2017, regarding an individual who has appeared in College offices ACC Trespasser unannounced and uninvited, expressing frustration with an administrative decision to not allow him to use certain College facilities for purposes unrelated to College activities. He has not engaged in any conduct which is dangerous or threatens the safety of any person, but his intense, insistent demeanor together with his repeated unwelcome contact have established a course of conduct which College officials view as intimidating and harassing. The individual’s name is Tom Bleau, who identifies himself as a “politically incorrect stand-up comic.” He is not a student, employee or invited guest of the College. His photo is included for reference.  He drives a blue and tan Chevrolet Suburban and is sometimes accompanied by one or two minor male individuals who are described as approximately 10 and 16 years of age. Mr Bleau has been notified by the College and the police that his presence on campus, without permission, is a trespass, which may subject him to arrest and removal. If you see this individual on campus, you are urged to contact 911 and to also contact the President’s Office at 358-7246.

Timely Warning Regarding Alcohol Violations

(Posted Monday, January 25, 2016)

There were recently three arrests made at College Park Apartments involving liquor law violations (minor in possession.) The incident also included a minor who was neither a student nor a resident of the apartments. It is the policy of Alpena Community College to foster a campus environment free from drug and alcohol abuse. All students are reminded to protect themselves from the health risks, safety risks, legal sanctions and disciplinary sanctions that can result from alcohol-related offenses. This can include arrest and prosecution, disciplinary action by the College up to and including termination of enrollment, and, in the case of a person under the age of 21, the College is permitted to notify the parents or legal guardians of a student. Students should review ACC policies on alcohol and drug use at

Violations of law occurring in your apartment can subject you to risk. If you need assistance, you should contact the Dean of Students at 989-358-7442 or