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About Renewable Energy

About Renewable Energy
Three programs have been developed and delivered in this sector.
    1. In partnership with DTE Energy, Consumers Energy, the Michigan National Guard and Reserve, the Northeast Michigan Consortium Workforce Development Board, Michigan Works! Employment Services Agency, Alpena Community College developed and delivered an 8-week Gas Energy Bootcamp offered to unemployed military veterans on site at Camp Grayling in central northern Michigan. The training consisting of two four-week sessions—a classroom session, largely online, covering units such as History and Organization of the Gas Energy Industry, Safety, Electric Power Generation, Electric Power Transmission, Electric Power Distribution, Career Exploration, and Energy Efficiency and Conservation. The second session, more hands-on but also with online components, prepared the veterans for work in the gas energy sector. Upon graduation, 10 of the veterans entered fulltime employment, 5 with DTE and 5 with Consumers Energy. This pilot project became a national demonstration model for veteran retraining in the energy sector.
    2. Targeted training in Relay and Control/Smart Grid technology was developed and delivered to 20 Utility Workers Union of America-affiliated lineworkers employed at Alpena Power Company, a local energy supplier.
    3. A course focused on entrepreneurialism and understanding financial statements and spreadsheets was developed and delivered to 35 office and field staff at Alpena Power Company.

 Courses Offered:

  • Coordination of Protection of Electrical Power Substations
  • Equipment Maintenance of Transformers, Circuit Breakers and Voltage Regulators
  • Relay and Control for Line Crews
  • Smart Metering
  • Energy Industry Fundamentals
Additional credit classes currently in development. A sample of these new courses is outlined below.
  • EPT 211, Renewable Electrical Energy – A detailed description of the equipment, methods, and knowledge needed to generate electrical power using each of the known fossil fuels and renewable energy sources.
  • EPT 221, The Electrical Grid – In this course, Electrical Power Technology students will be exposed to all technical aspects of the modern electrical grid.
  • EPT 222, Emerging Trends in Electrical Power – An examination of current and emerging trends in electrical power generation; varied applications will be investigated and discussed in detail.

Record of Trainee Participation
Unduplicated Trainees: 55

Industry Validation / Credentials Earned
Total Industry-Validated Credentials Earned: 20
  • Midwest Energy Association Certificate: 20

New Hires Related to Training
Total New Hires Related to Training: 10