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Process for Assessment of Student Learning

Process for Assessment of Student Learning

Survey questions are based on the Standards found for each core competency in the Academic Catalog.   Faculty are asked to contribute questions and the Student Learning Committee (SLC) refines and selects appropriate questions.

a)      Fall – Distribute a Core Competency Survey to students via Blackboard
b)      November – SLC reviews the results
c)       January – VP of Instruction shares the results with all the faculty and asked for ways to improve the results
d)      August – List of faculty suggestions on how to improve core competency are shared with faculty and they are asked to implement one or two of the suggestions
e)      Following April – Students are re-surveyed to demonstrate improvement

Survey data is available in an Excel spreadsheet.

Demographic information includes:

  • Age
  • High School
  • Number of semesters attended at ACC
  • Program of Study
  • Remedial Courses taken
  • Highest level of English course taken
  • Highest level of Math course taken
  • Science courses taken
  • Humanities/Fine Arts courses taken
  • Social Science courses taken
  • Technical/Occupational courses taken

Core Competencies

  1. Effective Learning
  2. Problem Solving Skills
  3. Mathematical Concepts
  4. Effective Communication
  5. Effective World Interaction Knowledge