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Millage Renewal 2018

ACC Millage Renewal 2018

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Alpena Community College is a great value to the community!
On August 7, 2018, ACC is asking voters to approve a RENEWAL of a currently existing serial levy last approved by voters in 2008.

  • This renewal will not increase the total rate paid by property owners in the district. You will pay the same total rate: 2.5 mills.
  • ACC’s renewal request is for 10 years. This is the same time period as the previous renewal.
  • The money collected as a result of this millage contributes almost $1.1 million to ACC’s general fund, which in turn supports quality educational services for students, businesses, and the community. The most tangible benefit of this revenue is that it enables ACC to reduce tuition costs for in-district students.
  • ACC has two millage levies. One is a permanent 1.5 mill “charter” millage that was approved by voters in 1979 when the College separated from the K-14 school system. The other is a 1-mill “serial” millage levy that needs to be periodically renewed by voters. This provides voters with the opportunity to evaluate the College’s performance and helps guarantee that the public’s money is used wisely. The serial levy was first approved in 1989 and has been renewed in 1994, 1999, 2003, and 2008.
  • ACC opened in 1952 and has grown tremendously in numbers of students, academic programs, and services to the community. Approximately 15,000 people have earned degrees from ACC; many thousands more have benefited from taking a class or two.
  • ACC provides great economic value to the citizens of Northeast Lower Michigan. Last year the College obtained $12.4 million in state and federal aid that would not otherwise flow to the area, most of which made its way into the local economy through staff wages, salaries, and benefits. ACC currently employs 114 full-time and 199 part-time workers. The College, its staff, and students spend money in local businesses, participate in a variety of philanthropic activities, and enhance the quality of life throughout the greater Alpena area.
  • ACC enables people to compete for better jobs, explore new career possibilities, and improve their lives. Local businesses, industries, and non-profit organizations also benefit through a variety of services which ACC provides.
  • ACC’s millage allows the College to keep tuition lower for in-district students, maintain important student services, and be a vital part of the Alpena-area community.
  • In summary: ACC’s millage request is a renewal of what voters last approved in 2008. ACC’s millage levy would remain at the voter-approved amount of 2.5 mills.

Please remember to vote on August 7, 2018!

Alpena Community College Highlights 2017-2018

A letter from President MacMaster
As a publicly-funded educational institution, Alpena Community College receives financial support from the community in part through a millage on property in our service district. On August 7, citizens such as yourself will have the opportunity to vote on ACC’s millage renewal request.

Please take a minute to read the information above which explains ACC’s millage request and lists just a few of the many good things ACC does for our students and community. We truly believe ACC provides great value to taxpayers, and we take our fiduciary duties seriously.

This millage request is a renewal; ACC is asking for the same millage rate that was approved by voters 10 years ago. We feel honored by the trust given to us by our community, and we strive each day to use your support wisely.

If you have any questions about ACC or our millage request, please feel free to contact me. And remember to vote on August 7.

MacMaster Signature

Dr. Don MacMaster
Alpena Community College