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Business Program Student Achievement

Business Programs’ Performance, including Student Achievements

2019 Business Programs’ Students Who Earned College Awards

Anna Besser AwardPresented annually to a graduating female student who has made an outstanding contribution to the life of the college through scholarship, student leadership, and the expression of responsibility and the solution of social problems.
Ashly Panknin receiving Besser Award
Ashly Panknin
Business Management.AAS, Magna Cum Laude
Small Business Management.AAS, Magna Cum Laude 
John M. Grant Front Runner Award
Presented annually to a graduating male and female student who has each demonstrated unusual dedication in pursuit of higher education.  This award salutes "non-traditional" students who deal not only with the usual challenges of college studies, but also juggle home, family and work responsibilities as well, while transformed their lives.

Nancy Frary receiving Frontrunner Award

Nancy Frary
Business Information Systems – Executive Assistant.AA
Business Information Systems – Administrative Professional.AAS 

Outstanding Student Award
Monica Yang
Accounting.AAS, Summa Cum Laude
Business Administration
Outstanding Student Award
Emalee McDonald

Business Administration.AA, summa Cum Laude

Business Information Systems - Administrative Professional
Outstanding Student Award
Alissa Payne
Business Information Systems-Administrative Professional.AAS, Summa Cum Laude
Business Management
Outstanding Student Award
Brooke Peterson
Business Management.AAS, Summa Cum Laude 
Small Business Management
Outstanding Student Award
Ashly Panknin
Small Business Management.AAS, Magna Cum Laude

The following student achievement data reflects the achievement of students within the Business Programs at Alpena Community College. 

  1. Business Programs' Retention Rates
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    Retention Rates by Year
  2. Business Programs' Graduation Rates
    Graduation Rates by Program
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  3. Business Programs' Graduates' Average Cumulative GPA
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  4. Business Programs' Percentage of Honors Students
    Honors Students by Program
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  5. Business Programs' Certification Pass Rates
    Certification by Program
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  6. Business Programs' Alumni Satisfaction with Quality of Instruction
    Instruction Satisfaction by Program
    Instruction Satisfaction by Year
  7. Business Programs' Alumni Satisfaction with Preparation for Employment
    Employment Satisfaction by Program
    Employment Satisfaction by Year