Alpena Community College

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Online Registration

Register for Classes Online

Online Registration is Available for Students That Meet the Following Criteria:
  • Students must be “returning” students to utilize web registration.
  • Students must have a new Admission application on file with the college if not in attendance in the past 2 years. 
  • Students must have an active WebAdvisor account.
  • Placement testing completed
  • Advising is recommended for 12 or more credit hours or enrollment in English or Math courses.
  • Students with "financial obligations" will not be allowed to register until obligation is cleared.  
  • Tuition payment due at established deadline.  
  • Online registration is not available for Dual Enrolled High School students, restricted programs (Registered and Practical Nursing, Utility Technician, Automotive and Concrete Technology) or specialized courses such as internships, directed studies, etc. 
  • Students must complete course prerequisites.

How to Use WebAdvisor Online Registration Step-by-Step

    Go to WebAdvisor Select the "Students" menu from the WebAdvisor main menu page. From the Students page, select "Search for Sections" to review the semester’s course offerings. 

    You will be taken to a search page which allows you to search by term, course level, day, instructor, etc. If you choose the term (for example Fall Semester 2019), WebAdvisor will return all courses for that semester. Click the "Submit" button – you will then see a listing of classes based upon your search parameters. 

    Example of online registration

    From the "Section Selection Results" page, select the course title to view prerequisites, course description, meeting dates/times, faculty contact, supplies, and any course-specific registration instructions.

    Log in to WebAdvisor. If you have never logged in to WebAdvisor, follow the directions on the screen for "I’m New to WebAdvisor"; otherwise, use the same username and password that you have used in the past to log in to 
    WebAdvisor to view your grades and class schedule.

    From the WebAdvisor main menu page, select the "Students" menu. From the Students page, select "Search/Register for Sections" or "Register and Drop Sections". The "Register and Drop Sections" page is for dropping classes or registering for classes from your "preferred sections" list. 

    After selecting "Search/Register for Sections", you will be taken to the "Search for Sections" page. This page allows you to search by term, course level, day, instructor, etc. Select the "Submit" button – you will then see a listing of classes based upon your search parameters.
    Example of online registration

    To choose a class, click the checkbox in the "Select Courses" column. You can select multiple classes at once, but be mindful of pre-requisites, course times, and course statuses before clicking the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. If there is a problem with ANY of the courses you choose, none will be registered and you will have to correct the conflict. From the Register and Drop Sections page, select Register from the Action column menu and select Submit. 
    Online Registration

    Once you’ve successfully completed registration, PRINT THE RESULTS PAGE OR A COPY OF YOUR SCHEDULE IMMEDIATELY. This is your "receipt". Example of a successfully registered course:

    Successful online registration
    Once you have completed registration using "Search/Register for Sections", the Registrar's Office advises that you print a copy of either your "Registration Results" page or your new schedule from the "My Class Schedule" page. This will serve as your receipt of registration. 


    Please be aware that you are not officially enrolled in your classes until tuition is paid and your financial obligations are met. Tuition and financial obligations can be paid online with a credit card using WebAdvisor by selecting "Make a Payment". 

Common registration errors:
  • Trying to register for too many credits
  • Choosing classes for which you do not have the necessary pre-requisites 
  • Choosing classes that have overlapping meeting times 
  • Outstanding Financial Obligations prevent you from registering 
  • Log in times out. For security reasons, WebAdvisor will “time out” your session if your screen remains idle for 30 minutes. Therefore, it is advisable that you plan your schedule prior to completing your WebAdvisor online registration. However, if you are timed out during the registration process, simply log back in and start again. Also, be sure to log out when you are finished.

Making Changes to Your Schedule

Now that you have completed registration, you may have re-considered some of your choices. To remove classes from your schedule, choose "Register and Drop Classes" from the Student menu. The "Register and Drop Sections" page will display your "Preferred Sections" and "Current Registrations". The "Preferred Sections" are classes that you selected from a previous registration session, but did not complete the registration for the sections (similar to an online store's shopping cart).  

Drop classes by selecting the check box in the "Drop" column next to the course you wish to remove from your schedule. After checking the appropriate classes, select the "Submit" button. 

After submitting your choices, you will be taken to a Registration Results page. Check the messages on this screen to be sure you’ve dropped the correct classes. As with registration, it is advisable to print this screen or a copy of your updated class schedule.