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Application for Tutoring

Alpena Community College Student Services Center

Please complete the application to receive Free Tutoring services.

I am enrolled in the following program of study: 

In order to provide the most effective tutoring arrangements possible, I understand that:

  1. I must attend class regularly in order to receive tutoring assistance.
  2. The Student Services Center (SSC) has the right to cancel, change, or add students to my tutoring sessions.
  3. The SSC may communicate with my instructor(s) to maximize the effectiveness of my tutoring sessions.
  4. Tutors are only to assist me with understanding course material, NOT to complete assignments or tests for me. Tutors are very knowledgeable but are not expected to know everything.
  5. During a proofreading session, I will work with the tutor to receive feedback, but it is ultimately my decision whether to make changes and submit what I believe is quality work.
  6. Tutoring must take place on campus and it is my responsibility to bring materials necessary for the session.
  7. I am responsible for scheduling my appointments. I may receive up to 3 hours of tutoring per week, per class. I understand that same-day appointments are rarely available. I may schedule appointments the day prior or up to 1 week in advance. Standing appointments are not available. Appointments will be scheduled in the SSC unless I request a different location. Appointments scheduled outside of the SSC hours will be scheduled in the ACC Library.
  8. If I have to cancel a tutoring appointment, I will contact the SSC at least 12 hours in advance at 989-358-7270.
  9. If I arrive more than 15 minutes late for my tutoring appointment without notifying the SSC, I will be considered a “no-show”. If I miss and/or cancel three tutoring appointments without the required advance notice, my tutoring privileges may be terminated.
  10. Any questions or concerns regarding tutoring should be brought to the attention of the SSC Coordinator. I have read, understand and agree to abide to all of the above terms and responsibilities.