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LeAnn White

LeAnn White

Involvements at ACC
Phi Theta Kappa
Sigma Zeta

Academic Program
Medical Billing & Coding, Math

Expected Program Completion date
May 2016

Favorite thing about Northern Michigan 
The scenery is beautiful and I love the secludedness 

Who at ACC has influenced you the most?
All of the instructors that we have are the best; I have a favorite in each department!

Where is one place that you want to visit?

Any hidden talents?
LeAnn doesn't have any hidden talents that she wants to tell us, but she does have really cool hair.

What made LeAnn choose ACC?
I chose ACC because I have family in the area, and ACC has the programs that I wanted to go into.

Current song that she's got on repeat
"People are crazy" by Billy Currington

Random fact 
I have 3 brothers and we were all born in different states.

What advice would LeAnn give to future Lumberjacks?
Find a way to be involved with something on campus.