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John Nevin McHarg

John Nevin McHarg Leader
John Nevin McHarg

Academic Program
Liberal Arts, but I'm working towards a degree in non-profit management

Expected Program Completion Date
May 2017

Involvements at ACC
ACC Cross Country Team

Favorite thing about Northern Michigan?
The great community of people, the fall colors, and the numerous outdoor activity options.

Who at ACC has influenced you the most?
My cross country coach, Mark Jacobs

Where is one place that you want to visit?
New Zealand

Any hidden talents?
I'm pretty good at waterskiing

What made you choose ACC?
I chose ACC because getting a great education with minimal student loan debt is most important to me. ACC allowed me to explore career options when I was undecided in my area of study.

Current song that he's got on repeat 
I listen to a lot of classical music

Random fact?
I once ate a whole cheesecake by myself.

What advice would John give to future Lumberjacks?
Never skip class because you are "tired." Go beyond your best to get an A in every class. No excuses!

Anything else you want to add?
Remember our National Motto: In God We Trust. Make America Great Again!