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Brendan Cordes

Brendan Cordes

Involvements at ACC
Officer of Sigma Zeta, Member of Phi Theta Kappa

Academic Program

Expected Program Completion date
May 2016

Favorite thing about Northern Michigan 
I really enjoy how you never have to go far to explore the nature. Having so much nature all around us means beautiful scenery and seasons!

Who at ACC has influenced you the most?
Kendall Sumerix

Where is one place that you want to visit?
The Netherlands

What made Brendan choose ACC?
I chose ACC because it has such an impact on our small community. It has great teachers, and it has a much lower price than a four year university.

Current song that he's got on repeat
"Daylight" Aesop Rock

Random fact 
He was third place all state for the triple jump in indoor track.

What advice would Brendan give to future Lumberjacks?
Never give up and always ask questions. Also, the library is your best friend.