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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment
The Dual Enrollment Program at Alpena Community College provides eligible high school students with the opportunity to enroll in an array of ACC courses that are held either at the ACC campuses, at several off-campus locations throughout the area, and/or online. Every semester, an average of 280 northeast lower Michigan high school students dual enroll at ACC and acquire valuable educational and financial benefits.

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

  • Educational Opportunities  
    Dual enrollment provides students with the opportunity to supplement their high school curriculum with a greater selection of more advanced college courses. ACC offers an array of general education and occupational training courses that students may not otherwise experience in high school.
  • College Credit
    Dual enrollment provides students with the opportunity to earn college credits before they graduate from high school. As a result, students begin their freshman year of college ahead of most of their peers. 
  • Financial Rewards
    Students and parents also receive financial benefits as a result of dual enrollment. Through dual enrollment, school districts pay most or all of the costs and students save hundreds of dollars in college expenses.

Dual Enrollment OptionsIn order to meet the varying needs of students, ACC has developed three options for those interested in dual enrollment.  Students should discuss these options with their families and high school guidance counselor or principal in order to select the best fit.

Classes held at ACC The majority of dual enrollment students attend college classes that are held at the ACC campuses. This allows students to experience a true college environment and also gives them access to a greater number of courses.

This option is ideal for students who are willing and able to commute to Alpena or Oscoda for classes and wish to be able to utilize ACC campus services such as the library, Student Services Center, and computer labs.

Classes held off-campus ACC offers a number of courses every semester at off-campus locations such as Hillman, Rogers City, Tawas, and Whittemore-Prescott.

This option is ideal for students who prefer the convenience and familiarity of attending classes in their own community and wish to be able to directly interact with the instructor and other students in a classroom setting.

Online classes For students whose schedules or locality make it difficult to attend standard classes, ACC offers selected courses online.  These online courses are similar to typical courses in that they must be completed during the normal semester and there are timelines for discussions, assignments, and exams. However, online course delivery is flexible in time and place by delivering instruction via the Internet and the student's computer. 

This dual enrollment option is not right for everyone.  However, it may be ideal for students who possess a high degree of self-discipline, the ability to learn independently, moderate computer skills, the necessary technical requirements, and those who have received instructor approval.