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Academic Renewal

Academic Renewal

Alpena Community College is committed to academic excellence and to the ideal of the dignity and worth of the individual. Recognizing that education is a comprehensive, life-long activity, the college will provide a measure of forgiveness for past academic deficiencies. A second opportunity will be provided to those former students qualifying for and requesting academic renewal.


  1. A student may declare and receive academic renewal only once.
  2. Academic Renewal
    1. Grades and course history will remain on the transcript, but credits, grade points, and grade point averages will be deleted.
    2. The point of academic renewal will be the end of a semester as chosen by the student.
    3. A period of two years or more must have passed since the selected academic renewal point.
    4. All ACC course work prior to and including the selected semester will be subject to academic renewal.


  1. A student seeking to request academic renewal must obtain a Request for Academic Renewal from the Registrar's Office (VLH 117).
  2. Upon completion by the student, the Request for Academic Renewal is returned to Campus Services for processing.
  3. The student's transcript will carry a notation: "Academic Renewal Granted For All Course Work Prior to This Entry." The course descriptions and original grades will remain on the transcript.