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SPBC Presentation October 20, 2015

Presentation to the Strategic Planning and Budgeting Committee
October 20, 2015

by Mike Kollien, Director of Admissions
and Jay Walterreit, Director of Public Information & Marketing

Strategic Goal #1: Present and postion ACC as a compelling, attractive institution of choice for all learners.

Objective A. Improve and implement an up-to-date marketing plan as it pertains to strategic planning objectives.

Associated Actions:

Personalize the pictures and use testimonials in ACC publications and website.


Facebook account.

Lumberjack Leaders webpages.

Program webpages: WeldingMedical AssistantMathematicsConcrete TechMarine Tech; Utility Tech, others.

Program brochures: CAD/CAMAuto ServiceCriminal Justice; Nursing; others.

Home page slides featuring students and staff: Marine Tech testimonial, January 2015; Hoops for Hope, February 2015; Communications Students and Karol Walchak, March 2015; Mary Myers Award, April 2015; Besser Award winners, May 2015; Nursing Students for Zonta Walk, September 2014.
Fall 2015 video shoot.
Miscellaneous projects: Business Info Systems posterbillboards; student images in Lumberjack Link; etc.

The online college catalog should be broken into sections/chapters that can be individually accessed.


ACC 2015-16 Catalog

Work with faculty for greater outreach to both new and existing students — postcards, cultural events, website, email, Facebook, triangulate, call lists, collect contact info.


Admissions Activity Report

Admissions Info Packet

Faculty participation in recruiting trips, Open House, etc.

Admissions letters, phone contacts,

Info request form on website

Question: Should we invest in CRM technology? Vendors, solutions, $$$

Use visualization of positive statistics in marketing materials.


ACC costs vs. other institutions and the value of higher education document

Question: what other stats are important to the committee?

Emphasize liberal arts along with technical programs.


Start Here Go Anywhere Insert

Michigan Transfer Agreement publication and webpage

Various website pages — programs pageMessage from the PresidentWhy ACC? Page;


Recruitment for programs outside our local service area.


(NEW) Fall 2015 applications and enrollment maps for programs:

Fall 2015 Admissions Activity Report

Student Paths ads

Marine Tech New Orleans digital marketing

Charter ad brokering

Website optimization

Trace and utilize placement data in marketing occupational programs.



Question: What placement data?