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Axe the Lumberjack Mascot Redesign Contest

Axe the Lumberjack Mascot Redesign Contest

Alpena Community College’s current lumberjack mascot has served the College since at least 2001, appearing on all sorts of publications, clothing, and marketing pieces. But tastes change and it’s time our beloved but aging mascot is updated to reflect today’s sensibilities.

To accomplish this delicate but important task, the ACC Office of Public Information is conducting a contest to redesign the ACC Lumberjack. All current ACC students are welcome to enter the contest.

The contest winner will receive a $500 scholarship (applicable to ACC only) from the ACC Foundation and the fame that comes with redesigning a beloved icon!

This contest is now active! Deadline for submission:
November 21, 2016! 

For more information about the contest, please contact:

Jay Walterreit, Director of Public Information & Marketing
(989) 358-7215