What is Concrete Technology?

What is Concrete Tech?

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Tim Onstwedder, Jr., Alpena Community College Concrete Tech Instructor
Tim Onstwedder, Jr.

Concrete Technology Instructor

Kevin Sylvester, Alpena Community College Concrete Tech Instructor
Kevin Sylvester
, Concrete Technology Instructor

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Concrete is a global material that underwrites commercial well-being and social development. There is no substitute that can be used on the same engineering scale and its sustainability, exploitation and further development are imperatives to creating and maintaining a healthy economy and environment worldwide.

Notwithstanding concrete's uniqueness, it faces more demanding design requirements. Indeed, the pressure for change and improvement of performance is relentless and necessary. Concrete must keep evolving to satisfy the increasing demands of all its users.

Graduates of the longstanding program offering an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Concrete Technology today fill diverse positions throughout the global industry. Industries such as cement producers, admixture suppliers, readymix companies, masonry manufacturers, precast/prestress corporations, engineering construction services, highway departments, and many others require the education obtained through this degree.

Concrete Technology graduates are in very high demand, commanding excellent salaries and receiving numerous job offers. Most students will receive 4 to 6 job offers upon graduating.

Why Come To ACC As A Concrete Technology Student?

If you are looking for a solid career in the concrete industry, an Associate in Applied Science degree in Concrete Technology is your answer. The unique degree offered by ACC is the only one of its kind in the United States. As one of the original Portland Cement Association programs, our degree has over 40 years of graduates to testify to our success.

As a Concrete Technology student at ACC you will experience the following:

  • An education in a state-of-the-art facility, The World Center for Concrete Technology
  • Use of the best equipment available to any student including an operating block manufacturing plant, computerized batching equipment for laboratory experiments, an environment room, and other equipment that no other educational program can compare
  • Class sizes that allow more time for student interaction with faculty
  • A "hands-on" education with a very strong material science background
  • The opportunity to discuss your future with industry leaders as they visit campus as guest lecturers, give special training, and on recruiting trips
  • As a Concrete Technology student you will be highly recruited by leading industry corporations as well as smaller companies, giving you vast employment opportunities
  • As a graduating student you should have numerous employment opportunities from across the United States. Most students receive 4 to 6 offers
  • Obtain nationwide certification offered by industry while on campus

Where You'll Learn

The WCCT is a state-of-the-art facility offering training, education, research, testing, and conferences for the concreteWCCT Exterior products industry.Located on six acres (2.4 hectares) of the Alpena Community College campus, the World Center for Concrete Technology offers 42,360 square feet (3,897 square meters) containing:

  • a computer lab
  • a conference room
  • a mason training lab
  • a production and manufacturing research lab
  • a student instruction lab
  • a testing lab
  • offices
  • three classrooms