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Tobacco Use Policy

The Board of Trustees approved a resolution prohibiting the use of tobacco products on all campus property. The policy states:

"In keeping with the mission, goals, and philosophy of Alpena Community College to promote a healthy culture of learning, Alpena Community College property shall be free of the use of tobacco products."

Persons wishing to report violations of this policy can file an Incident Report in the office of the Dean of Students (VLH 109) as follows:

  1. Fill out an Incident Report giving the complete details of the incident.
  2. Turn in the completed report to the office of the Dean of Students.
  3. The Dean of Students will review the Incident Report and make a decision on whether to issue formal charges or take other action.
  4. When formal charges are issued, the student will receive a written notice listing the charges. A meeting with the student will be scheduled at which time the student selects the formal or informal judicial process they wish to pursue.
    PLEASE NOTE: The person or persons issuing the complaint must appear as a witness if a formal hearing is scheduled.
  5. Penalties:
    1. First offense - verbal warning
    2. Second offense - $15 fine
    3. Third offense - $25 fine
    4. Fourth offense - five days probation