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Tim Onstwedder, Jr., Alpena Community College Concrete Tech Instructor
Tim Onstwedder, Jr.

Concrete Technology Instructor

Kevin Sylvester, Alpena Community College Concrete Tech Instructor
Kevin Sylvester
, Concrete Technology Instructor

Jered MillerJered Miller
Graduated from ACC: 2012
Hometown: Billings, Montana
Employed by: Quikrete Cement & Concrete
Job Description: Regional QA/QC Manager for SouthWest Market

I chose the Concrete Tech program because
"I received a reccomendation from John Porterfield, a past graduate. I am a retired disabled military veteran and I wanted to train in a career that allowed me to use my brain as awell as keepting as active as allowed."

What did you like best about the program?
"I liked the hands on application and how knowledgeable the instuctors were."

What advice would you givenew students thinking about attending ACC?
"The job placement and field knowledge is unbeatable from what I experienced. I would highly reccomend this program to anyone who wants to work in a hands-on field."


Mike EricksonMichael Erickson, ACC Concrete Tech Graduate
Graduated from ACC: 2009
Currently resides: Northville, MI
Employed by: Tyme Engineering
Job Description: Inspection and Testing Technician

I chose the Concrete Tech program because
“I knew [the Concrete Tech program’s] job placement rate was very high. I didn’t know if the area was right for me, but once I had to go out in the field and work, I knew it was the right job for me.”

What did you learn in the Concrete Tech program?
“I learned a lot! The program was a broad overview of the field which was good because I didn’t know which specific area I wanted to go into, so it was helpful to learn about all the areas.

What did you like most about the Concrete Tech program? 
“I liked the one-on-one contact with the teachers who had no problem answering my questions inside and outside the classroom. Their experiences in the industry were very helpful!”

What types of jobs are currently available in the industry?
“Testing jobs are very popular. A lot of ready-mix plants are hiring down in my area.”

How much money can graduates make?
“It varies, but it could be anywhere between $35,000 and $70,000 for graduates who have been out of the program for a couple years.”

Eric Kennedy, ACC Concrete Tech GraduateEric Kennedy
Graduated from ACC:2009
Employed by: Lafarge North America
Job Description: Concrete Lab Technician

I chose the Concrete Tech program because
“I chose the concrete tech program at ACC because I had cousins that went through the program and had nothing but good things to say about the whole program and had already gotten good jobs because of the program.”

What did you learn in the Concrete Tech program? 
“I learned in the concrete tech program virtually everything there is to know about concrete as well as how to use your decision making skills out in the workplace. We also learned everything from surveying to how to do a job interview. Not only did we done.”

What did you like most about the Concrete Tech program?
“What I liked best about the concrete tech program is how it was small class sizes and a lot of hands on learning and really getting out there and doing it yourself.

The Concrete Tech program did everything to help me find a job by first teaching me what I would need to know, then giving me classes on how to take an interview, then helping me do an internship out in the field, which is how I got my job as a full-time Lafarge employee. If it wasn’t for the internship I would have never gotten the job I have today. The internship gave me a lot more understanding of what I had learned the first year, and then I went back for the second year and got more knowledge and understanding of what the field is all about.”

What types of jobs are currently available in the industry?
“Lots of different types of jobs are available out of the concrete tech program such as working at a ready-mix plant, cement plant, quarry, testing firms, engineering firms, and department of transportation, just to name a few.”

How much money can graduates make?
“The earnings in the industry can vary depending on what type of job you get and what company you get into, but just as long as you work hard and do a good job you will find a good paying job.”

Anything else you’d like to add?
“ACC’s concrete tech program is one of the best programs around. If you look at the numbers, it is always almost 100% job placement. Where else can you say that? The learning environment at the WCCT is second to none, the teachers are always willing to help you out, and get you prepared for whatever job it is that you take out in the industry mostly from their hands-on experience out in the field themselves.”