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Magazines, Journals, Newspapers - Full-Text

Magazines, Journals, Newspapers - Full-Text

** Electric Library (contains magazines, newspapers, books, and radio/TV * INFOTRAC (newspapers, health, general, kid, and ancestry
ERIC Digest (free website) ** Lexis-Nexis (General, News, Business, People)
Find Articles (free website) * Library of Michigan Databases
Full Text Electronic Journal Search locate a specific Journal or Newspaper title in any of ACC’s databases or find ACC journal titles listed by subject Magazine Portal (free website)
Google Scholar (free website) NewsBank (World News)

NewsBank (Business News)

NewsBank (Michigan News)

Contact the Library Staff at 358.7252  to get the username and password needed to access these.
Government Documents (free website) **Pro & Con Online (political and legal issues)
**Harper Weekly - covering the 19th century (1857-1889) ** ProQuest:  Education, Nursing, Career and Technical Ed.

* Off campus (home) use by Michigan residents for these (& more) databases, which are provided by the Library of Michigan, will require you to go to the web address http://www.mel.org  After you have selected one of the databases, from the Mel Databases page, you will be asked to type in your Michigan Driver's License number OR Michigan ID number in order to gain access to that database. Use of the Library of Michigan website does NOT require you to come back to any of ACC’s library pages for off campus (home) access to the Mel databases.

** Must be on ACC's Campus (main or Huron Shores Campus) to use.